Microsite Design

Microsite DesignA Microsite is a site with a single web page which can be used to provide an introduction to your business. It can include images, text and links and it will establish your presence on the Internet and can be submitted to search engines.

It can also be used as an accompaniment to your existing website to promote part of your business such as special offers or events

Example 1

You own a website selling garden furniture and ornaments with the domain name 'www.greengrass.co.uk'. You have a special promotion on bird boxes in the spring. To promote your offer you register the domain name 'www.bird-boxes-special-offer.co.uk' or something similar, and create a microsite giving details of your special offer.  Search engine users who type in the phrase 'bird boxes special offer' or whatever you put in your domain name will be directed to your microsite. You can link the microsite to your main site to increase traffic

Example 2

You own a website selling shoes with the domain name 'www.clairesshoes.co.uk' and you write an article about how to measure yourself for shoe sizes, with good usable information.  To promote your article you register the domain name 'www.how-to-measure-yourself-for-shoes.co.uk' Search engine users who type in the phrase 'how to measure youself for shoes,' will arrive at your microsite, read your information and follow the link to your main website, which will increase your traffic

If your microsite becomes popular it will gain a page ranking value from google which will then strengthen the ranking value of your main site and you could also consider adding advertisements to your microsite for added revenue.

IT Skills:
  • You can have a Microsite even if you do not have any IT skills, we can design website for you and if you are unable to browse the Internet, we can send you a printed copy of your website to view and comment on before publication.
  • Basic IT skills would enable you to view your website online and receive e-mails and respond.
  • More advanced skills would enable you to update your website content.

You are welcome to use our FREE tutorials to help you with the administration of your website and if you need help we do operate a Website Administration Service were we can update your website for you.

More information:

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