Joomla Development Service

Would you like to develop the functionality of your Joomla website?

Joomla websites need not be static, healing with a tweak or two you can change the look of your site or add extra funcionality, you can even add tools to enhance user experience.

Here at Rozegarden we are proficient in Joomla and happy to update your website.

Add Catalogue or E-commerce functionality

The most common method of developing a Joomla website is to add either Catalogue or E-commerce functionality to a Brochure Style Website.  A better display of your products and the facility to sell online will enhance your website usability and give you the opportunity to reach more customers.

Template Development

Adding a new template to your Joomla website can enhance your exisiting image, or can give you a whole ‘New Image’ Your Joomla website uses a template to give constant appearance of fonts, colours and style. Your template may have been made especially for you or you may have downloaded one from a website. Rozegarden can create bespoke templates to suit your design needs, we can also enhance your existing template, an example of which would be to add a snowy background in winter.

Add an Extension

There are many extensions available for Joomla which can be added to your website.  They can be added in the content area or depending on your template design they can be placed in a module position which could be in the right or left column or at the top or bottom of your page, if your current template is not displaying anything in these areas it doesn’t necessarily mean that the module position is unavailable, it just may not be being used.

Here are a few ideas of extensions to enhance your website:

  • Clocks
  • Weather forecast
  • Random image
  • News flash
  • Latest news
  • FAQ
  • Bespoke contact form
  • Google map
  • News scroller
  • Slideshow
  • Gallery

We will need access to the administration area of your website to perform these tasks

Give us a call on 01964 603220 to discuss your requirements or drop us a line


Joomla Administration Service

For when you need a helping hand with administering your Joomla website?
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