Joomla Administration Service

Do you have a Joomla website and need help with administration?

Administration of your website can be time consuming and if your operative is not fully conversant with Joomla functionality this can be a drain on your business costs.

Here at Rozegarden we are proficient in Joomla and happy to update your website.

Rozegarden Joomla Administration Service includes:

  • Creating and updating articles including adding and updating images
    Each page of your website is written in ‘Articles’ and may be organised in Categories and Sections within your website, story these articles can be updated, approved deleted and new ones created.
  • Creating and updating menu links
    The articles on your website are located by clicking on Links (buttons) in a menu, when you create a new article a new menu link will need to be created to navigate to the new page
  • Creating and updating meta tags
    You can have individual page title, description and keyword meta tags for each article in your website, this increases the search engine optimisation of your website
  • Configuration of pre-installed modules for example: newsflash, latest news, polls, who’s online, custom HTML
    These modules are pre-installed with Joomla and can be positioned around your page, although this is dependent on the template you have installed
  • VirtueMart products creation and updates
    VirtueMart is an e-commerce component for online shopping, if you have it pre-installed and you want your products updating, we are happy to help
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We will need access to the administration area of your website to perform these tasks

Give us a call on 01964 603220 to discuss your requirements or drop us a line


Joomla Development Service

Would you like to add functionality to your Joomla Website, for example a new template design or the installation of a custom module?
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