PayPal Shop Website Design Portfolio

Rozegarden is now offering a small shopping website solution! This design works similar to a brochure site and you can include images and descriptions of your products with PayPal buttons, it is ideal if you only have a small selection of products.

Slimmers Plate


Slimmers Plate, Brough, East Yorkshire sells a range of plates to help educate users on how to adobt healthy eating habbits.  The plates are uniquely designed with artwork by Jennifer Hudson and include makers to make portion sizing more accessible. The website is in the style of a PayPal Shop, there are product images and descriptions with PayPal 'Add to Cart' buttons.

Since this website was published Jennifer has sucessfully added Amazon links to her homepage.

Slimmers Plate Homepage
Slimmers Plate
Product detail page
7-Step Book Page
Slimmers Plate  
Brough, East Yorkshire  

Airsoft Guns Yorkshire

Airsoft Guns Yorkshire, Goole, East Yorkshire sells Airsoft BB Guns and Accessories, this is a new venture due to the rising interest in paintballing and archery. Many products on the website are only available to the over 18's. The owners requested a site in the orange and yellow colours with the inclusion of 'targets' in the design.


The website in the style of a PayPal Shop with PayPal 'Add to Cart' buttons against each product and a tick-box for customers to verify that they are 18 or over. The website also has an image slideshow operating in the right-hand column.

Airsoft Guns, Goole, East Yorkshire
Airsoft Guns, Goole, East Yorkshire
Product detail page
Airsoft Guns, Goole, East Yorkshire
Contact Page
Airsoft Guns Yorkshire
Goole, East Yorkshire


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