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VirtueMart when configured to track stock levels will track each product by its SKU. If a product has a multiple of options, ampoule for example it comes in the colours Red and Blue, you will need to be able to give each option its own individual SKU.


The result on your product page will be similar to this example:

This is created by using a Parent and Child structure, the Parent is the main Product and the Child is created as an Item.
VirtueMart Tutorial Image
Login to VirtueMart and create a Product as usual and then go to the tab for:

Display Options

Here are the settings for your Product page, for the example above select:
- Use List box for child products and
-One Add to Cart Button

Save your product

VirtueMart Tutorial Image
Open your Product List and tick the small box to the left of the product youare dealing with


VirtueMart Tutorial Image
Click on the Add Attribute button at the top of the page VirtueMart Tutorial Image
In the Attribute Form add the attribute for your product

Click Save
VirtueMart Tutorial Image
A new feature: Add Item has been added to the Administration Panel (page left).

This feature is only available for Products with Attributes, and you have to have the Parent product open to see it

Click on Add Item
VirtueMart Tutorial Image
The New Item form looks similar to the New Product form, but can be identified by its Title and the tabs refer to Items instead of Products VirtueMart Tutorial Image
Item Information tab

SKU: any value you want (perhaps the SKU of the Parent product with an extension)

Name: Same as Parent
VirtueMart Tutorial Image
Item Status tab

Item Attributes: Enter the details for your attribute, for this example the Attribute was Colour and this item comes in Red

VirtueMart Tutorial Image
Complete the details for Stock and

NB this box is at the very bottom of the page, do not confuse it with anything in the Attribute List section above - those attributes are for ones that are not tracked on individual SKUs
To create another Item eg Product in Colour Blue

-Open the Parent Product
-Click on Add Item
-Complete as above for the Red one


VirtueMart Tutorial by Rozegarden


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