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Login to VirtueMart

Using the left hand 'Administration' menu select Products, then choose Add a Product.


VirtueMart Tutorial Image

You will be taken to the New Product Menu
(Title is in blue at the top of the window)

Add details in the fields as follows:

Tick showing means product will be shown on website. Handy if you want to sell the same product again later, you don't need to delete it when sold, just un-tick it.

Your item reference number

Title of Product

Select the category

Product Price
Make sure your currency is correct

Short Description
This description will be shown on the multi-item catalogue page

Product Description
This will be shown on the Product item page, therefore it is a good idea to repeat text in the Short Description as well as adding more details

VirtueMart Tutorial Image

Select the Product Status Tab

In Stock
You can put a value for amount in stock

For adding Size, Colour etc.
eg Attribute Title = Colour then the Property would = Blue.

Add new Property for each colour, eg white, yellow, red

VirtueMart Tutorial Image

Select the Product Images tab

Make sure Auto-Create Thumbnail is selected

Upload an image from your computer by clicking the Browse button (in the left-hand pane) to open a file menu. Select the file you want to upload, this will enter the path of the file in the Full Image box

Click Save (top of the window)

VirtueMart Tutorial Image

You will be given a confirmation message if your listing has gone OK where you can check your listing


VirtueMart Tutorial Image


VirtueMart Tutorial by Rozegarden


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