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Promoting your website can be done in a variety of methods and improving visibility in one dimension will have a knock-on effect in another, increasing visibility overall.

The main methods include:

Search Engine Optimisation

(SEO) is the art configuring your website to gain the best possible rankings in search engines.

Content is King!

Google look at over 200 criteria when ranking websites and they are focussing now more than ever on giving higher rankings to websites of quality.
Point to consider when writing your content are:

  • Put your most important content first and emphasise your important words/phrases in bold.
  • Write your content in a clear, uncluttered fashion
  • Be descriptive, factual and informative
  • Use words which relate to your product, service or industry
  • Avoid too much ‘sales jargon’ ie: cheapest, greatest

Your website will be rated on how many visitors you get to your website and how long they stay, so the more content you have on your website that will make visitors stay and read it and come back later the better, so anything you can write about is good, for example: help guides and advice.


Keywords are the main words relevant to your product or service. They can be placed in a ‘tag’ in the code of each page of your website. Although it is believed that Google no-longer look at the keyword tags, they are the main words which describe the theme of your website and should be used throughout your pages, but do not be tempted to use them excessively, this could be considered ‘keyword spamming, and could get you banned from the search engines, again ‘Content is King’ if you are truly writing good informative content about your product or service the keywords will appear naturally.

If your geographic location is relevant, use it in your website content and make it part of your list of keywords. You are more likely to be found under ‘widgets in Leeds’ than just ‘widgets’ alone.

Keywords should also be used in Page Titles, Page Descriptions, file and image names, so if you have a catalogue or e-commerce website, rather than naming your image 1524.jpg, call it what it is ‘blue-widget-size-f’ but don’t forget not to use spaces or special characters in your file names and keep them short!


Search Engines put weight on how many good quality links you have coming into your website, a good quality link is considered to be one from another website that already has higher ranking than yours and has a similar theme.

“The idea is that a website with more links pointing to it contains more desirable content,

How to get links you ask?? Simple HAVE DESIRABLE CONTENT.

If you have desirable content, people will link to what you have. If you have a small amount of poorly put together information, people won't link to you to save your life. Develop great content. Make a USEFUL site. Make an INFORMATIVE site. Make a FUNNY site if you have to. Make your site WORTHY of linking to. Then and only then will you see more and more people linking to you.”
Joe Barta

…again this goes back to my “Content is King!”


Advertise your URL (website address)

This will not only ensure your customers know where to find you it will also increase the hits on your website and the more hits the higher the search engine rankings. Put your URL on everything: letterheads, envelopes, business cards, leaflets, brochures, mailing labels, invoices, statements, catalogues, packaging, boxes shopping bags, adverts, t-shirts, pens, hat, bumper stickers

E-mail lists and Newsletters

Create a list of all your customer’s email addresses, including any emails from the enquiries form on your website and periodically send them an email publicising any special offers, bargains or new products and services. You can have a ‘Subscribe to Our Newsletter’ module on your homepage where users can add their details. Remember to make it easy for people to ‘unsubscribe’ from your mailing list/newsletter, only send them when you have something to say and keep them short and snappy, and of course include a link to your website.

Free Stuff, Special offers, Vouchers

We all love something for nothing, and it keeps your customers coming back for more (more hits, higher rankings). When you make and advertising flyer try adding: ‘Visit our website for special offers!’ It doesn’t always have to be something material you are giving away, how about information, user guides, size guides, conversion tables and calendars to print?

Search Engine and Directory Submissions

Don't expect all search engines and online directories to find you. Do your research and don’t submit yourself to anything you are already listed on, you don’t want to be banned for annoying! If you are not listed, submit your website to the four main search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask, the rest get their information from these four. Search for free directories (use a search engine) examples are:, Free Index and Kingbloom, and submit your details


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