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If your catalogue includes images of various dimensions you may like to add a background image with set dimensions to give your images a consistent appearance.

In this example I have used a background image of a framed square, but any background image could be used, even a plain white shape.

Create an image to use as a background 600 x 600 pixels (or get us to provide one)

This is an example:

Example of background image

Open your main image in Paint.NET


Crop the image so that you are only left with the most relevant part, do this by:

Click Rectangle Select, from the Tools Panel and take your mouse pointer over to your image and draw a shape around the area you want to keep, it will become shaded


Website guide example image 2

Click the Crop to Selection Tool (this can also be found under the Image menu)

Website guide example image 3

Resize your image

Click Image, Resize and
In the menu choose
- By absolute size
- Maintain aspect ration
- Width or Height 550 (whichever is the greater)
- Resolution 72 pixels per inch

Click OK and Save your image
Copy this image by choosing Select All from the Edit menu, then choosing Copy from the Edit menu
The copied image will hold on your computer clipboard
Website guide example image 4

Open your background image

Website guide example image 5

Click Edit, Paste in to new Layer and your main image will be pasted onto your background image, move it to the centre by dragging it with your mouse pointer


Website guide example image 6

Click File, Save As to save your new image as a separate file to your background image. Enabling you to use your background image again. Save as file type JPG.

(If you had just clicked 'save' you would have replaced your background image with your new image.)

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