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When editing content on your website it is useful to first create a copy of the Article you intend to edit, you can then revert back to this Article if things don't go as planned on your edit!

If your website has more than just a few pages the Articles which feed these pages will be sorted into Sections and Categories, you may want to copy your Article into the same Category as the original, or to a different Section/Category, ie you may have a Section devoted to Article Backups (copies)

Login to the Administration section of your website (backend)

Select Article Manager

Joomla Control Panel
Joomla Article List

Tick the box to the left of the name of the article you want to copy

Make a note of the Section and Category the original Article is in

Click Copy (top right of your page)

On the following page you will see a list of all the Sections/Categories on your website, click on one to choose were your copy of this Article will be placed

Joomla Section and Category List

Save using the save button at the top of the page

Joomla Save Icon

You will now see the copied Article in your list of Articles

Joomla Article List

The copied Article differs from the original by the ID number (last column) your copy will have the higher number, also if you placed the copy in a different Section/Category this will also show. If you choose to edit the name of your Article to identify it as a backup (eg add the words 'backup' or 'copy' to the title) click on the Article to enter it, change the Title and Save. The Title and Alias must be reverted back if you want to use this backup as a replacement for your Article should things go astray

If you can't see your copied Article, sort the list by order of Article Title (click on the word 'Title' at the top of this column) and make sure your filters are at the default setting.


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