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Margaret PriceMy name is Margaret Rose and I am the owner of Rozegarden IT & Web Consultancy. I am a qualified Teacher and have worked for many years in both public and private sectors offering a range of IT courses covering a variety of subjects and levels, remedy including Advanced IT Skills and Website Design

While teaching several students requested private work and website design in particular, mind this lead me to forming my own company in 2003. Initially the company was run as a sideline to my teaching but in later years as word spread Website Design has become my speciality.

I now have quite a large portfolio of happy clients; I also freelance for other companies under ‘non-disclosure agreements’ and although I am unable to add this work to my portfolio, the experience gained is invaluable.

I am a sole-trader working from home, which greatly reduces my business outlay and without a ‘swanky office’ to support, I can pass the financial saving on to my clients. My skills are easily equal to many in the web design industry and I not only produce websites that look professional and have extensive functionality but I also ensure my clients are able to update their own website if desired.

I offer tutorials permanently visible on my website to help clients login and edit their sites, which is something to remember when looking through my portfolio, the website setup, configuration, template design and initial content layout will be mine, but as the client has the facility to change the content (words and images on a page) as regular as they wish the images used in my portfolio might look slightly different to the actual current website.

Not all websites need administration; it very much depends on the style of website and business needs. Even when content alterations are needed, some clients prefer me to make the changes for them; I call this my Website Administration Service

When it is necessary for me to meet tight deadlines or offer an additional specialist skill, I have a team of trusted individuals on hand who work closely with me to deliver perfect results, I therefore often refer to ‘us’ and ‘we’ in the articles on this site.

Margaret Rose


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  • Website Design
  • Website Updates
  • Website Development
  • Joomla Administration
  • Joomla Website Design
  • Internet Hosting Packages
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting inc Joomla Install
  • VirtueMart Administration
  • New!! Video creation